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This Woman's Body Was Photoshopped 18 Times To Meet Different Beauty Ideals Around The World

by Lareese Craig ,
This Woman's Body Was Photoshopped 18 Times To Meet Different Beauty Ideals Around The World

The Italian like petite, the Yankees like hourglass curves but just how different can one culture's idea of perfect female form be from the other? Apparently really different. This woman's body was Photoshopped 18 times to show how beauty ideals vary across the globe and let us just say, China got our vote for 'are you for real?!'

In a new study by Online Doctor, 18 graphic designers, most of them women, were asked to retouch one woman's face and body to match up with what they perceived to be their culture's perfect female form. The results? Pretty telling.

The goal of the Perceptions of Perfection project is to better understand potentially unrealistic standards of beauty and to see how such pressures vary around the world. And woah there do they vary.

Between countries, the waist, the legs, the booty - they all changed. Some got bigger, others got smaller and in some cases the retouches were that extreme the woman looked nothing like the original image. We'd have a hard job keeping up with all of these ideals, that's for sure.

Perceptions of Perfection global beauty standards
Perceptions of Perfection global beauty standards
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From China and its barbie like ideals to the busty beauty hot out of Venezuela and thigh gap central in the USA - beauty really does come in many shapes and sizes and what one person perceives as beautiful may not appeal to the other.

Underneath all these varying, some may say unrealistic 'perceptions of perfection' then, there is a message for us all to take on board: All bodies are beautiful!

Let's just schtap looking around for society to give its nod of approval and let's stop comparing and pitting women against each other and celebrate something all together more worthwhile. The beauty of YOU. May you be filled with kick ass body confidence forever more!

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