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Yellow Blusher Is The Spring Trend Guaranteed To Brighten This Grey May

by Pascale Day ,
Yellow Blusher Is The Spring Trend Guaranteed To Brighten This Grey May© instagram.com/ashmeredith_

If there was one shade we didn't think everyone would be able to pull off, it's a mellow yellow. Most of us just stick to what we know, a classic rosy cheek featuring subtle pinks and peaches. But if there's one thing the makeup artists of Instagram do so effortlessly, it's convince us to try some out-there trends. Case in point: Yellow blusher.

Normally we'd never look at a luminous banana blusher and think that it would work well on our cheeks, but guys, this is 2017 - when it comes to beauty, anything goes.

According to Allure, Instagram is being taken over by experimental makeup artists trying out this new hue on their cheekbones and we have to admit, while we were doubtful to start with, we're just about ready to rub some lemony makeup all over our damn faces.

While it might not be for the faint of heart, it turns out that yellow is a colour that pretty much suits everyone: see, most of us have a yellow pigment in our skin already, so a yellow blusher will simply allow that pigment to shine through.

Thing is, there's a whole bunch of shades of yellow, so which one is gonna look​ best with your skin tone? Well, there's only one way to find out: experiment! Unfortunately yellow blush is such a new thing, there aren't really any yellow blushes available yet. But we're pretty sure when the big cosmetic companies check Insta that'll soon change. Until then, swap in your fave yellow eyeshadow in lieu of blush, which works just as well. Check out these gorgeous shades to play around with.

Yellow blushers to try out:

MAC Eyeshadow in Chrome Yellow, £13.50 © maccosmetics.co.uk
MAC Eyeshadow in Chrome Yellow, £13.50
See album

Would you try out a yellow tint? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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