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10 Videos To Restore Your Faith In Humanity!

by Stephanie Ashley Published on 27/06/2014 at 12:00
10 Videos To Restore Your Faith In Humanity! © Getty

With all the craziness going on in the world, it's easy to lose faith in human beings. Whether you're dealing with mean, greedy people or are just plain old tired from the week before, brighten your day with these stories of real-life heroes! These small (but tear-jerking!) acts of kindness are sure to restore your faith in humanity. Prepare the box of tissues!

Don't let all the haters out there keep you from smiling each and every day. Here are 10 videos of pure kindness that will prove to you that not everyone is a jerk and that a simple, helpful act can go a LONG way!

Biker and Young Woman Help Fallen Older Man

It only takes a moment to help someone in need.


Father Dancing With Special Needs Daughter

McKenzie has a life-threatening disease that makes it difficult for her to move or speak. So, her father helps her participate in beauty pageants and dances in her place.


Man Saves Ducklings From Ledge

We're not sure how those ducklings even got up there, but we're glad this man was here to save the day!


Biker Helps Blind Man

While other bikers sped on by, this one man stopped to help a blind man find his way safely back to the pavement.


Boy Has The Game Of His Life

To give this boy with special needs an awesome American football experience, members of the other team fell down as though tackled as he ran towards the end zone!


Runner Helps Rival Finish Race

Not only does this girl help out a member of the other team - she pushes her across the finish line FIRST.


Police Officer Buys Homeless Man Shoes

This US police officer took money out of his own pocket to buy a man winter boots on a freezing cold night.


Fireman Saves Kitten

No life is too small to save!


Team Saves Baby Elephant From Well

This rescue took a bit more time, but all the effort was more than worth it for the sight of mom and baby reunited!


Random Acts Of Kindness

Most of these actions are small and simple, but they can make all the difference to someone else.


Have you done something nice for someone today? Let us know @sofeminineUK

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