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12 Reasons Why Barry Off Eastenders Deserves To Be A National Treasure

Emmy Griffiths
by Emmy Griffiths Published on 10 July 2014

We think it's high time the world gave Barry off Eastenders (also known as Shaun Williamson to very close friends and relatives) the utter love and devotion he rightly deserves. He is quite literally the most loveable man in Britain, and dammit we will not rest until his contribution to the arts has been lauded accordingly. So although there are so many reasons to love him, we've whittled it down to 12...


1. He dances like this

This is the closest Barry is ever going to get to Flashdance.


2. He kept a sense of class post-Eastenders

Barry illustrates the value of retaining your integrity…


3. This...

What could be more glorious than Barry off Eastenders singing an anthem about the Apartheid at the 2014 Bowls Tournament? Seriously, what?


4. He had THE greatest exit Eastenders has EVER seen

This was one for the history books. Death by rolling down a hill.


5. He just IS Barry off Eastenders

Cut to 1.04 for the most awkward TV moment ever.


6. He's just so darn versatile

"Pat you've trodden on me foot get off." Classic Pat.


7. He successfully went Gaga

Barry off Eastenders wants your bad romance. Give it to him.


8. He knows how he'd end it all...

Barry’s was certainly the most comfortable and middle class way to go!


9. He's an open book

Can Shaun Williamson rub his tummy and pat his head at the same time? Can he touch his nose with his tongue? FIND OUT, IT’S IMPORTANT STUFF. Be sure to stick around for the cow impression.


10. The man loves a good caravan

Oh SHAUN. We’d go caravanning with you!


11. He knows how to pick up women

These women didn't know what they were missing.


12. Finally, he tweets these sorts of things

We love you Shaun. Never change.

How do we make people into National Treasures? It's Barry's time. Finally. Love him? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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