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14 Redheaded Celebs Who Made Being Ginger Cool

by Emmy Griffiths ,
14 Redheaded Celebs Who Made Being Ginger Cool© Instagram

With their porcelain pale skin, adorable freckles and gorgeous copper locks, the gingers of the world ought to be revered and loved like the outright angels that they are. However, as every ginger will know, growing up as a redhead has its own unique set of problems (as in, it is literally unavoidable to be picked on). Fortunately, we have these AWESOME ginger celebs to fight for the redhead cause. Here's how they're doing it...

Ed Sheeran dating Nicole Scherzinger

If the rumours are true, our ginger leaders and King is going out with (probably) one of the hottest women EVER. Ed. From gingers everywhere. Yes.

Jessica Chastain articulating what it’s like to grow up as a ginger

How often have we had our plight shared in the media? Thank you for raising awareness Jessica.


Karen Gillan being basically the best ginger of all time ever

She may have shaved it all off for a role, but she is still the ginger we all know and love.

Hayley Walliams making every emo dye their hair orange in the Noughties

Hahaha, welcome to ginger club suckers.

Tim Minchin singing for gingers everywhere

Seriously, only a ginger can call another ginger ginger though.


Alyson Hannigan being an ageless angel

She has kept that pale skin out of the sun, because How I Met Your Mother and Buffy star Alyson doesn't seem to have aged a DAY since she was Buffy's nerdy best friend.

Eddie Redmayne being a Oscar winner AND the most handsome man in the world to boot

Let's face it, Eddie is 2015's top ginger.

Bryce Dallas Howard calling out everyone who thinks she and Jessica Chastain are the same people

Just because they're both ginger?! Come on!


Benedict Cumberbatch is ginger! VERIFIED.

Although he dyes his hair, Benedict has natural auburn hair. One of us. One of us.

Emma Stone voluntarily dying her hair

She could be blonde, but she doesn't WANT to be blonde! Take that blondes.

Rupert Grint being one of the main characters in one of the biggest movie franchises of all time

In fact, let's throw in the main Harry Potter family, all of whom are ginger. The Weasleys are literally the best, even if they do all have a bad case of spattergroit.

Domhall Gleeson is smashing life in general

From playing the romantic lead in About Time to the confused lead in Indie flick Frank and now (hopefully) the action lead in Star Wars VII (as Luke Skywalker's son perhaps? SPECULATE), Domhall is slaying.

Christina Hendricks being a sassy Queen

We'd be so, so intimidated to meet her. She radiants confidence!

Prince Harry being literal royalty

A Prince of the United Kingdom is ginger. All hail Prince Ginger.

Who is your favourite ginger celeb? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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