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15 Amazing Female Characters In Musicals We're A Little Too Obsessed With

by Emmy Griffiths ,
15 Amazing Female Characters In Musicals We're A Little Too Obsessed With© Wicked

In celebration of Women's Equality Day, we're going to the world of the West End for our favourite singing heroines. Forget TV shows and movies: some awesome female protagonists have come out of theatre land! Now just try not to sing along to their hits for the rest of the day...

Elphaba - Wicked

She spends her whole life ostracised by her family and peers for the way she looks, making her seem hard and defensive when really she just doesn't want to show that she cares what people think (sob).

As a result, she wears whatever she wants (pointy black hats FTW), and fights for the causes she believes in, even if it turns everyone against her even more (we're talking pitchforks and torches, they used to just attack her with words). For always fighting for what's right and never resting on her laurels, we're ALL about Elphy!


Glinda - Wicked

She might be flouncy and pink and girly and obsessed with bad boys, but Glinda has a good heart and steps up to the plate when the moment demands it. She plays by the rules but knows how to bend them, and will always help someone in need (especially when they need a makeover, in which case she simple HAS to take over).


She's tiny, really cute and is casually making objects move with her brain. Matilda is never appreciated by her television obsessed, generally awful family and finds solace in books and through her teacher Miss Honey. Basically this is a story about a little girl who loves to read and just wants a family who will accept her, and the musical shows this perfectly. You'll be laughing and crying by the end.


Maria - The Sound of Music

Maria is a rubbish nun, so they send her to be a Governess at the home of an angry Captain to care for his seven equally angry (and disruptive) children. Showing that she won't take any sh*t from ANYONE, Maria soon wins them over by teaching them how to sing, helping them out when there's a storm and, oh yeah, helping them escape from the Nazis that one time.

Nala - The Lion King

Sure she's a lion, but in the musical Nala is the last hope for the survival of the Pride when Scar takes out, leaving her home to go and find food and help in Shadowlands. It's probably the most intense song in the musical, and it makes Simba chilling out and singing Hakuna Matata seem really annoying.


Mary Poppins

Seriously, how was the tough but kind, magical Nanny who brings together an unhappy family not going to make this?! Mary Poppins is the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Velma Kelly - Chicago

Velma killed her sister and her husband, but no way will that stop her from performing her infamous number, All That Jazz, and no way is she going to hang for their murder. She is a most sultry, manipulative and generally awesome bad girl we've ever rooted for.



For saying Annie is forced to clean all day every day for the drunken orphanage owner Miss Hannigan, she is the endless optimist, which works pretty well in her advantage since she gets adopted by Oliver Warbucks, a famous billionaire who gives her everything including love. INCLUDING LOVE YOU GUYS.

Eva Peron - Evita

She doesn't want to settle down, she wants to find adventure and be excited and have another suitcase in another hall and all that jazz. Somewhere along the way she becomes an Argentinian icon, and for good reason. She is one of the most incredible leads of a musical, hands down.

Mimi - Rent

Mimi knows what she wants, and she knows how to live in the moment and really, what more could you want? She doesn't have time to mess around and has confidence that we can only muster in front of our mirrors in our bedrooms.


Anita - West Side Story

She's so sassy and won't let ANYONE push her around, especially not any of the boys from the Sharks gang.

A line from the musical is: "Anita's gonna get her kicks tonight." We like this lady.

Tracy Turnblad - Hairspray

For Tracy, people who are different's time is coming! Tracy doesn't care if she doesn't look like the typical dancer, she's GOING to follow the dreams that everyone tells her are ridiculous. When integration becomes an issue at Tracy's television show, the plucky heroine (we know that's cliche but she is literally the pluckiest heroine), stops at nothing to help out her friends and to do what's right.


Mrs Lovett - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

She's ruthless, kind of heartless and definitely resourceful. If nothing else, Mrs Lovett is resourceful. She's also freaking hilarious to watch.

Eponine - Les Miserables

Although Eponine knows that her love for Marius is unreciprocated, that doesn't stop her doing whatever she can do to help him even if it's killing her inside. That right here is FRIENDSHIP. Eponine basically gives a voice to every girl who wants to have a cry about that one person who will never like her back, but still gets on with life and doesn't let it destroy her (TAKE NOTE BELLA SWAN FROM TWILIGHT).


Audrey - Little Shop of Horrors

All Audrey wants is a nice husband and a nice house somewhere that's green, and she goes after what she wants. She might not be kicking ass left right and centre, but not every woman is! She's still a strong female character despite the blonde hair and puffy skirts (once she's rid of the dentist boyfriend, that is).

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