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15 Life Lessons To Be Learned From Lucille Bluth

by Maria Bell ,
15 Life Lessons To Be Learned From Lucille Bluth© Google Images

There's lots to be learned from Arrested Development; like is being in love with your cousin all that bad? Or what sound does a chicken really make? But no-one from the Bluth clan can teach you life's lessons quite like Lucille. So if you're not on board with living life like a booze-soaked, self-obsessed narcissist - well we're going to have to cut you off. When she's THIS fabulous, why wouldn't you?!

1. Judge everyone and everything immediately and without question

2. It's better to be brutally honest than compromise who you are

3. Expletives maketh the lady

4. Don't waste your breath on those who don't deserve it

5. Never lower your standards for anyone

6. Be a generous, warm, giving person

7. Don't let other people stop you from doing things your way

8. Always make sure you've made your point

9. Be there for your friends

10. Experiment

11. Learn to prioritise

12. Remember: Money. Is. Everything.

13. Cherish Motherhood

14. Always see the positives

15. Life is all about YOU

So we're agreed. Life would just be better as LB. Tweet us your fave Lucille moment at @sofeminineUK.

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Maria Bell
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