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17 Christmas Gifts Perfect For Your Unhealthy Obsession With Unicorns

by Emmy Griffiths ,
17 Christmas Gifts Perfect For Your Unhealthy Obsession With Unicorns

Unicorns aren't just horses with a random horn sticking out of their forehead, they are a precious and magical way of life! So if you are one of those people in a unicorn cult (oh yeah, it's a thing), or if you just think they are fairly cute and mystical and therefore rightfully worship them, THIS is the gift guide for you! Here are our favourite gifts for the unicorn obsessed, enjoy...

Unicorn slippers

Make your feet magical with these comfy numbers of joy!

Don't Stop Believin' t-shirt

Believe unicorns are real with a little help from Journey.

Giant unicorn light

Bring a serenity and glow to your life with this giant, glowing unicorn of cuteness.

iPhone cover

Make your unicorn sentiments known in public.

Heatable unicorn

Snuggle up with your nice warm unicorn in bed.

Christmas card

Send unicorn-y Christmas greetings and sprinkle some magic in your friends and family's lives.

Angry unicorn mug

Make your passive-aggressive inhibitions known with this angry unicorn mug.

The magicorn hood

Stay snuggled with this warm unicorn who is basically giving you a hug.

Be a unicorn t-shirt

Accept your hidden truth - that you really are a unicorn.


Turn your hand into a mystical treasure with this handy handicorn.

Unicorn soap

Smell as a unicorn smells!

Unicorn tears gin liqueur

Unicorn tears are highly beneficial in many ways, especially when mixed with gin.

Magical unicorn mug

Sip your tea in the most majestic of ways.

Crass unicorn cushion

Celebrate you unicorn-ness with this sweet, expletive throw cushion.

Unicorn door light

Hang your coat up on a glowing horn of truth.

Unicorn shot glass

Unicorns even help you get hammered, who knew!

Unicorn hair grips

Your hair might never be a unicorn's mane, but brighten it up all the same with these cute little unicorn grips!

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Emmy Griffiths
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