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17 One Direction Fans Who Literally Can't Even Right Now

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 24/08/2015 at 12:30
17 One Direction Fans Who Literally Can't Even Right Now © Getty

We're sure you've all heard the news by now: rumour has it that One Direction have made the decision to 'disband', and will go on a hiatus in 2016 to work on solo projects. That's right, it looks like Zayn Malik leaving and the news that Louis Tomlinson is to become a father might have taken a toll on the world's favourite boyband. Since 1D have a dedicated and passionate fan base, we weren't surprised by the level of hysteria following the news...

According to the Sun, an insider source has confirmed that the boys have decided to take a year long break from the record-breaking boyband. Speaking about Zayn Malik's exit earlier this year and how it has affected their decision to take a break, the source said: “Of course, they would have preferred that he had stayed in the band, but they would have taken this extended hiatus even if he hadn’t left.”

Although One Direction reps haven't confirmed the news, they certainly haven't denied it either, leaving Directioners everywhere slightly worried about the future of their favourite band (to put it lightly). Here are some of the reactions from the infamous fandom...

Some were truly sincere

Some were in denial

Some were panicked

But most were really, really dramatic

Then, of course, there was the smug Nineties kids who knew the misery of boyband splits all too well...

Don't worry guys, it'll be alright in the end! What do you think about the boy band's potential split? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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