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20 Stages Girls Go Through When Getting A Haircut

by Lindsay Reed ,
20 Stages Girls Go Through When Getting A Haircut

Let's face it, haircuts are terrifying. But when the summer humidity arrives and your split ends start multiplying by the second, it may be time to MAN UP and say so-long to your beloved locks. Not before going completely batsh*t crazy though...obviously. Here are the 20 stages every girl goes through when getting a haircut.

1. You've been thinking about cutting your hair

Find one more knot and you're going to pull a Britney and shave it all off!

2. So you ask your friends

Because chopping your hair off is so much easier when your friends tell you that you have split ends and look like cr*p.

3. You obsessively stalk the Internet

Hopelessly searching for that perfect celebrity hairstyle that is sure to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

4. You find the perfect cut

If you thought Victoria Beckham looked good, wait 'til you see her haircut on this face!

5. 3:30 am: You call the hairdressers

Only to realize you have to wait another 6 hours for them to actually open... Better box the crazy 'til 9:30.

6. 9:30 am: You call the salon... for the 100th time

Somebody chop off your damn hair before you change your mind!

7. The receptionist tells you they're booked

The next available appointment is in 3 months? Maybe a haircut was a bad idea anyway...

8. Then someone cancels

Hallelujah! So long sweet little split ends.

9. You picture yourself with your hot new do

"If I could date myself, I totally would."

10. You walk into the hairdressers ready to go

Only to realise every chair is filled and your hair stylist is cutting someone else's hair. Why do bad things happen to good people?

11. 45 minutes later...

Finally, it's time to chop it all off. And get you the hell away from all of those free sweets...

12. Ready, set, go!

You hand the celebrity image to your hair stylist with confidence and head to the sink for a shampoo. If only someone would do this for you every day.

13. Your hair stylist makes the first snip

And you watch her like a HAWK.

14. You start to freak out inside

Hold back the tears. There's no turning back now.

15. So you distract yourself with things that MATTER

Where else will you learn about the latest hook ups and break ups if not from your hairdresser after all?!

16. You check yourself out

Your stylist turns you around to face the mirror and you see yourself with your short do for the first time. Who knew wet hair could look so good? Maybe this was a good idea after all.

17. Blow dry time!

It's amazing how much better your hair comes out when someone else is holding the hair dryer.

18. You fall in love with the new you

So, you didn't end up transforming into Jennifer Aniston, but you do look pretty damn good.

19. You walk out of there feeling on top of the world

Who knew a good haircut could just about solve world peace?

20. One day later...

Why isn't my hair turning out like it did when my stylist did it? Maybe it's time for another haircut....

Do you have any bad hair cut horror stories? Who is your current celebrity hair inspiration? Tweet us at @sofeminineUK!

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