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20 Times Mum Logic Didn't Make ANY Sense

by Carla Cain Walther ,
20 Times Mum Logic Didn't Make ANY Sense© Getty

Will we ever understand the forces that drive our mums to do bizarre, unfair and maddening things!? Probably not. Mums everywhere have been frustrating their kids to no end with questionable mum logic. If you've rolled your eyes over the absurd decisions your mum makes or the silly things she says, you're not alone! Here are 20 times #MumLogic made absolutely NO sense!

1. When PJs mean different things on different people

2. When she needs to satisfy a craving at your expense

3. When she insists on doing everything herself

4. When she wants to manage your social calendar

5. When she plays backseat driver from her house

6. When the punishment doesn't fit the crime

7. When she wants to make a good impression

8. When she only points out YOUR faults

9. When she expects to be priority #1

9. When she has only has one explanation for everything

10. When she never sees the good

11. When she tries to get you excited about things you couldn't care less about

12. When she won't share the finer things in life

13. When she won't hear you out

14. When she expects you to get over it quickly

15. When she's too ashamed to own up to her own failures

16. When she uses fear tactics to make a point

17. When she won't get hip with the times

18. When she assumes the worst has happened

19. When she thinks you're still a 5 year old

20. When she expects you to ALWAYS pick her

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