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21 Times Queen Elizabeth SLAYED With Her Facial Expressions

by Emmy Griffiths ,
21 Times Queen Elizabeth SLAYED With Her Facial Expressions© Getty

Today Queen Elizabeth II has officially become the longest reigning Monarch of all time, having rules for 63 years and seven months, taking the record over from Queen Victoria. Since we the British public tend to love the Queen like a particularly grumpy Granny, her facial expressions are one of our favourite things EVER. Here are the occasions where Liz said everything she needed to with just one look.

As most Brits will know, Queen Elizabeth II can be lovely

When in a good mood, she is a ray of sunshine

She has mad banta

She can be jubilant

Happy and glorious!

But let's face it, most of the time she's just waiting for everyone to get their sh*t together

She doesn't have time for almost any shennigans

Her face literally speaks volumes about the Nation's feelings regarding David Cameron

Here she is, checking to see if the coast is clear before she can continue living her life

Plus she clearly suffers from mad road rage

Those are the eyes are someone who is just DONE

She could not give a sh*t about Twitter

Or Game of Thrones

She's never even heard of Christmas merriment

She's just over it.

She has the ULTIMATE resting bitch face

Even funny hats won't cheer her up

"Why can't you just LEAVE ME ALONE" - her eyes seem to say

You KNOW she just gave that sad-looking man an earful

She's had it.


Happy longest reign Queen Elizabeth! Do you love her? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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