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22 Stages Girls Go Through At A Beyoncé Concert

by Cliche Wynter ,
22 Stages Girls Go Through At A Beyoncé Concert© Beyonce.com

After spending one of our Friday nights at Beyoncé and Jay Z's On The Run concert, we can officially say you have NOT lived until you've seen Queen Bey live in action. There's literally nothing in life that will ever compare. NOTHING! Got it? From tears to panic attacks, here are 22 stages girls go through at a Beyoncé concert.

1. First she randomly drops tour dates and...

Your reaction is a mix of excitement and fear. Are you even ready for the force of nature that is Beyoncé Perfection Giselle Knowles-Carter? Probably not.

2. You come to your senses

Okay, now it's time to get your finances in order. Nose bleed seats at the Queen's concert? Hahahahaha! Yeah right!

Lemme upgrade you...

3. Sale day arrives

...And you feverishly hit refresh on Ticketmaster's website every blinking moment. You have several browsers open, your phone on deck, and your iPad ALL ready for war.

4. Your tickets are finally purchased

You feel like a badass... Whew! Bey here you come!

5. Then you realise she's doing this with your money:

But you somehow feel honoured to have contributed to her excessive wealth.

"Swim, Bey, swim... Swim in all the cash I've earned for you!"

6. Choosing company wisely

You'll ONLY attend the concert with a fellow Beyhive stand. NO ONE else will get how life altering this experience is. NO ONE.

7. Outfit planning

What to wear? WHAT TO WEAR? Surfboard tee or go full on glam? What would Beyoncé do? #WWBD

8. Concert day is here!

You begin asking yourself, "Why am I so blessed?" Why? Because, Bey.

9. Planning transportation

This is where sh*t gets real. You have to have a secure plan in order to ensure you don't get stuck in traffic. Missing the opening act would literally tear you up inside. So nope! Not on your watch.

10. Arriving at the venue...

...AKA the Promised Land. Anticipation is building like crazy. But whatevs... Time for a happy jig.

11. Selfies and Usies galore

Everyone needs to see how boss you are. Eat your hearts out, suckas!

12. She's at least an hour late

So naturally you're slightly frustrated. But at the end of the day you get it. Perfection cannot be rushed.

13. She emerges...

14. And you're like...

15. Then she does one of these...

As you wish you were Jay Z... Just for a minute. One minute, pretty please?

16. She begins to sing...

Oh GOD! The feels! The feels are overwhelming!

17. Paralysis sets in

You literally cannot move as she gyrates her body within an inch of her life. Whew!

18. Questioning Bey's existence

Is she real? How can a human being be so ***FLAWLESS?

19. A feeling of undeniable empowerment

She just does that to you.

20. Trying to nail her choreography...

But failing terribly...

21. A mild panic attack as the show ends

Is that it?! Two hours gone in two seconds?! NOOOOOO.

22. Crying as you reminisce on the night

Long live the Queen!

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