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24 Exam Season Habits Every Student Is Guilty Of

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 29/05/2014 at 17:30
24 Exam Season Habits Every Student Is Guilty Of © quickmeme

Exam period is a bleak time. The sun comes out but you can only look at it through your window while distracting yourself from all that revision. The exam looms closer and yet you still can't gather the will to revise and there's always that mate that's already completely finished, convincing you to move away from the books. What else? Here are the 24 stages of exam time stress everybody goes through...

1. You know you need to start buckling down for exams

2. But scraping by for the year has made it difficult to actually concentrate

3. Home is one big distraction

4. You would rather clean than read another page of this book

5. Oh, and Facebook is a problem as well

6. A little nap for ten minutes couldn't hurt...

7. To the library with you, where you will be forced to concentrate

8. Oh right, people think the library's a social club

9. Three hours later and it’s fair to say the library was a failure

10. Maybe working in a group would help?

11. But then there’s always that one person who drives you mad

12. And everyone starts talking about going out although you’d planned to be at the library all night

13. Plus in a group you’re more susceptible to suggestion

14. Then this happens

15. Before you know it, the week of your exams is here

16. Sorry, how did that even happen?

17. You get down to it

18. You squeeze in desperate revision time with your mates on the way there

19. And force in brain food

20. You feel sheer terror turning over the exam

21. But you can’t help but feel intensely relieved when it’s over

22. Though your peers PERSIST in going over the answers with you

23. Finally results day comes round, and it’s not TOO bad

24. BUT there is always that one person who has done better than you. Standard.

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