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27 Habits That All British Girls Are Guilty Of

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 24/04/2014 at 11:00
27 Habits That All British Girls Are Guilty Of © Pinterest

British girls are unlike anyone else. We grew up with the Spice Girls, so we know about girl power. We go out dressed like sparkly princesses, because we know how to look good. We love staying in the pub all day, because we can drink like champions. Here are the top 27 habits all British girls can lay claim to...

1. A favourite Spice Girl

Baby Spice, are we right? SPORTY? Get out.

2. A strong opinion of McBusted

They’re like the music version of Marmite, you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em.

3. Taking photos in the loo

What is it about these mythical places that draw us to them like moths of a flame? Bonus points if you have ever posed with a toilet roll, AKA the ultimate night out prop.

4. A preference for a certain level of Nando's spice

You know you’re the real deal when you get medium. We’ll just stick to Lemon and Herb, thanks. It’s all we know.

5. Prinking

“Coming round for pre-drinks?” said every British girl, ever.

6. Fixing up your make up in Boots

You’re going out after work, you’re a little worse for wear, and there’s a Boots one minute away. You come out looking, smelling and feeling good as new!

7. We always have an cute umbrella at the ready for the inevitable downpour

British girls are always prepared. A little light drizzle? Whip out your Accessorize umbrella and let it POUR!

8. Retail therapy in Primark

Need to let off some steam but have no money? Primark is the answer! The only problem is where to put all of your super cheap purchases!

9. Instagramming any hint of nice weather

#sunshine #instalove #OnlyintheUK

10. Purchasing all high heels from New Look

Going to the top floor of New Look and seeing the sea of shoes through a mist of green plastic…shopping heaven…and so reasonably priced!

11. Fake eyelash mishaps

Why do we insist on wearing small fluffy black dogs on our eyeslid for nights out? Because they make our drunken, bloodshot eyes POP, that’s why!

12. Fake tanning on a night out

You bodge it up, get that splodge on the carpet, and go out smelling of biscuits to spend the night sweating it off in a dark room. Worth it!

13. Wearing your sunnies the moment the sun comes out

It’s minus 2 degrees? Still, the sun is here. Crack out those imitation Ray Bans!

14. Getting blind drunk is also known as Friday night

Cruisin’ for a boozin’.

15. Having a favourite flavour of Kopperberg

Mmm Strawberry and Lime…

16. Turning into a bad bitch on a night out

You’re in a group of girls who in the daytime drink tea, watch Downton Abbey and apologise profusely when they run out of milk, but once the stilettos come on, the gloves come off. Someone thinks they can bump into YOUR mini-dancing circle on the dance floor and get away with it? Hell no.

17. Caring more about the relationships in Made in Chelsea than your own


18. Having a cuppa during emotional strife

Someone said they thought the pattern on your top was ‘interesting’? A John Lewis advert caught you off guard? Your latest Instagram post is getting no love? Tea is the answer to all of life’s little woes.

19. The only jacket we need is a beer jacket

Pssh. It might be snowing, but alcohol will keep us warm!

20. Planning what wellies to wear at festivals in advance

Plain green just doesn’t cut it anymore. Finding the perfect patterned wellies requires time, energy, and Googling.

21. Thinking crisps substitute vegetables

At least these ones are cheese and onion flavoured!

22. The only celebrity on TV whose life comes close to your own is... Miranda Hart

When we see her, we feel so understood.

23. We’re all Cumberbitches

Sherlock is a must-watch, and Benedict Cumberbatch is a must-have.

24. Men with bad teeth have character

Perfect teeth? Pssh. No one wants Joey Essex. Give us someone who has lived dammit!

25. Greasy food after a night out

Cheesy chips. Or a kebab. Or a McDonalds. If it’s processed and tastes delicious we want in our tummies ASAP. Calories just don't exist past 10pm.

26. Wearing a dress size four sizes too small because you can

This material…so stretchy…it’s not too short is it? I’ll just hold it down when I walk. As for the cleavage on show…bonus.

27. You wish you were Kate Middleton

It is the secret desire of every Brit girl. And that’s okay.

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Emmy Griffiths
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