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30 Superb Christmas Presents For The Game Of Thrones Fan In Your Life

by Emmy Griffiths ,
30 Superb Christmas Presents For The Game Of Thrones Fan In Your Life

The cold winds are rising, and Christmas rises with it. That's right, now we've hit November its time to begin wrapping presents and guzzling mulled cider, and we have come up with everything from stocking fillers to presents suitable for a King for the Game of Thrones fan in your life. So prepare yourself with our essential GoT gift guide as Christmas is coming...

1. Winter is coming hand soap, £10

Who said hand soap was a rubbish gift?!

2. Winter is coming christmas jumper, £14.88

Who wants snowmen and elves when you can have dragons and direwolves?

3. Dinner is coming chopping board, £16.99

Preparing grand feasts for your guests is suddenly that bit easier!

4. Crows before hoes mug, £6.99

The perfect mug for the singleton Game of Thrones fan in your life.

5. Game of Thrones Magnets Refrigerator Magnet Set, £8.13

Send your housemates Game of Thrones themed messages!

6. Snuggly direwolves - £24.99

Who doesn't want their very own direwolf after all? #Betterthandragons

7. Framed hipster Daenerys wall art, £39.99


8. The Game Of Thrones Inspired Print, £18

A minimalist and classy addition to any wall.

9. Daenerys and Khal Drogo cushions, £33.88

Cosy and romantic!

10. Game of Thrones Westeros Map Bauble, £5.99

A must have for any Christmas tree!

11. Game of Thrones Pop! Figurine Jon Snow, £8.99

Even in Pop! form, Jon Snow is grumpy.

12. Mother of Dragons jumper, £13.99

Trending up the Game of Thrones game!

13. Game of Thrones bookmarks, £2.50

The perfect stocking filler gift, particularly if your friend ships Brienne and Jaime (and let's face it: who doesn't?!)

14. Retro Travel Poster, £17.50 (set of 5)

Adorn your walls with Westeros must-visit places!

15. Jon Snow Game of Thrones Christmas jumper, £30

Jon Snow wearing a Santa hat? We want.

16. Winterfell Inspired Natural Scented Candle, £9.99

Recreate Winterfell...without the beheadings or attempted murders.

17. Game Of Gnomes Tea Towel, £9

Dry up in style.

18. Game of Thrones Monopoly, £29.99

This could probably get as brutal as Game of Thrones to be fair.

19. Game of Thrones Logo Coasters Small Houses Set of 4, £12.99

Choose your allegiance while making a cup of tea.

20. Direwolf pendant, £6.80

The most subtle way to fangirl!

21. Game of Thrones Longclaw Collectible Sword Mini Kit, £7.99

Get your own bargain Jon Snow sword and kill lots of mini White Walkers!

22. Baratheon mug, £11.99

If the Starks and Targaryens aren't your cup of tea, almost every other House great and small also comes in mug form!

23. Game of Thrones Hand of the King Wax Seal Mini Kit, £8.99

Bring back the old fashioned way of communication - with letter writing! Maybe sent it via the Royal Mail rather than raven though...

24. Dragon egg paperweight, £35.99

Keep your papers in place with style.

25. The World of Ice and Fire: The Untold History of the World of A Game of Thrones Book, £30

Ever wanted to expand your Game of Thrones knowledge beyond the books?!

26. Stark hoody £37

A must-have for everyone who is #TeamStark, ill-advised as that may be...

27. Playing cards, £6.99

You can playing other games besides the Game of Thrones you know!

28. Khal and Khaleesi mugs, £17.99

Because not every couples gifts have to be lame!

29. Game of Thrones Three Eyed Raven Plush, £18.90

Take the three-eyed raven plush to bed and have visions like Bran.*

*This will not actually happen.

30. Lego Oberyn, £10.99

You can't smush a lego man's brains in after all.

For quick decisions, browse our Game of Thrones gift album...

See album

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This piece was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her emmyfg!

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