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34 Thoughts Every Girl Has When Watching The Notebook

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 7 May 2014
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It's been 13 years since The Notebook first choked us up. It might be a bittersweet sob-fest of a film, but for some reason us girls will watch it over and over again. Maybe it's because we like a good cry or dammit maybe we just need a hit of Ryan Gosling. One thing is for sure, these are the thoughts that run through the mind of every girl when bingeing on The Notebook.

1. It's been a few months and you've decided you're going to watch The Notebook again.

2. As you voluntarily start the film, you remember what happens and vaguely wonder if you enjoy being miserable.

3. Hang on - Ryan Gosling just appeared onscreen. Oof - he knows how to wear a flat cap.

4. We wish a boy would climb a Ferris Wheel to ask US out.

5. How do the carnival folk all know Noah’s name?

"Two to a seat Noah!" Carnival's don't spend long in one place, do they? Like a week? Has Noah just been there the whole time? Does he just love carnivals? So many questions...


7. We want to hate Rachel McAdams, but we just can’t.

She's too damn nice!

8. We wish we lived in the 1940s. For the clothes mostly.

9. Top quote alert: “If you’re a bird I’m a bird.” Ugh, feelings.

That's a tattoo right there.

9. We hate Allie’s snobby family.

All guffawing about money. Gah.

10. Noah is the only one in black? SYMBOLISM MEANING THAT HE IS DIFFERENT.

11. Oh God. Issues are surfacing. Back off Allie’s mother.

So what if Allie's going to New York? Shut up mother!

12. That’s it Ryan. Take it all off.

Too creepy? Sorry not sorry.

13. OH GOD! Allie's mother is saying Noah is trash and HE CAN HEAR EVERYTHING!!!

14. They've...they've...no.


16. We have no interest in seeing what Noah and Allie get up to in their separate lives. We will close our eyes until they have reunited.

17. But RIP Finn though.

18. We may also be peeking through our fingers at James Marsden.

19. James Marsden and Allie are engaged. Boy’s going to get his heart broken.

20. Noah’s back and he’s seen Allie with James Marsden! Ut-Oh!

21. If you look closely, you can see the moment his heart breaks.

22. Ok, now Noah lives in a nice house can they be together?

23. Oh but James Marsden is so lovely though...


25. Sorry, had a little moment there.

26. We’d have reacted this way too if we came face to face with Ryan Gosling.



28. Allie wasted no time shacking up.

29. Every single time we order food (chuckle)!


31. We're back to old Allie and Noah and SHE REMEMBERS! HURRAH! She’s come back to him!

32. Aaaaand she’s forgotten again. After all that. Ugh.

What was the point of the story then?!

33. Aaaand they die and it's supposed to be happy. BUT IT'S NOT.

34. The end. For Gods sake.

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by Emmy Griffiths

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