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7 Things That Make Peter Andre Cry

by Emmy Griffiths ,
7 Things That Make Peter Andre Cry© Getty

It’s Peter Andre’s birthday, and in honour of our favourite sexy singer turned suave family man we want to celebrate what Peter Andre does best – crying! The 41-year-old singer has fallen to pieces over a lot of things, some of which aren’t entirely logical, but we love a man who is in touch with his feelings! Happy Birthday Pete, and remember it's your party - so you can cry if you want to.

  1. · Childbirth
  2. · Seeing his mum
  3. · Watching Titanic with someone
  4. · The Green Mile
  5. · Happy endings
  6. · Inappropriate interview questions
  7. · Divorcing Katie Price
  8. · No more tears...
  9. · More reasons to love Peter Andre... just here:


For some new fathers, childbirth makes them feel terrified, queasy and they would prefer to wait in the waiting room, thanks very much. But for Peter, apparently he was in fits of tears for his fiancé Emily MacDonagh’s ENTIRE LABOUR. He said: “I’ve never seen anything like it, I was crying the whole way through the labour. As soon as I saw her I was a mess and crying like a baby. It was such a beautiful experience.”

Seeing his mum

When Peter's mum Thea came to visit from Australia, it left him on the verge of hysterics. Explaining himself, he said: "a lot was made of the photos of me in tears recently when my mum came to Cyprus, so I’d like to explain why I got emotional. Basically my mum and dad are both in their seventies and not in the best health, so for mum to leave my dad behind and travel thousands of miles to see me was really the best gift God could have given me." OK so now we're blubbing too. Oh Pete. We understand you completely.

Watching Titanic with someone

Jack and Rose’s beautiful yet fleeting relationship has Peter shed a solitary tear as he too knows what it is to have lost true love (hey Jordan, how’s things?) He said: “It’s the bit where he says, ‘Never let me go, Rose’ and she says, ‘I’ll never let you go, Jack’, and SHE LETS HIM GO. I guess you only get tearful when you watch it with your partner. It brings a tear to my eye when I’m watching it with someone.”

The Green Mile

Peter Andre on The Green Mile: “A film that gets me everytime, no matter who I am watching it with, is Green Mile. It’s the bit where he says, ‘I’m tired boss.’ That’s it – I’m crying.”

Peter Andre is sensitive to others sleepiness, okay?! If we were his PA we'd have to use this line when we wanted to get off early.

Happy endings

Sometimes even happiness can turn on Pete’s eye taps. He said that that the movie The Shawshank Redemption makes him well up. Massive Stephen King fan obvs. He said: “Just the whole movie from start to finish is something else. It really is amazing. Some happy endings can just make you cry.” We know Peter, we know.

Inappropriate interview questions

Peter Andre became most upset on Sky News when the interviewer asks him how he would feel if Alex Reid (Katie Price’s then husband) would adopt his children, Princess and Junior. Why would they ask that! WHY! Someone give that boy a hug!


Divorcing Katie Price

Breaking up is hard to do, so no surprise that Peter Andre revealed that he “cried [himself] to sleep when he was divorcing jungle-love Katie Price.” He also said: “I keep thinking that I should be getting through this, but I can’t get it out of my head. Everything around me keeps telling me to snap out of it, but it’s not that easy."

No more tears...

Peter Andre has shed a lot of tears in his 41 years on earth, but things are starting to look up. He's got a new bubba - baby Amelia - with fiance Emily and a wedding on the cards. On top of all that excitement he's got two beautiful kids from his former marriage to Katie Price, a coffee shop business, his own online channel for his fans, is loved by literally MILLIONS of women and his latest song, Kids, features on the Mr Peabody and Sherman film.

What's more he has better hair, good health, happiness and his abs (we're sure they're still there somewhere)... there's so much to be grateful for, it's so beautiful. Oh God - someone pass us the tissues!

Happy Birthday Peter! Send your Many Happy Returns to @sofeminineUK

More reasons to love Peter Andre... just here:

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