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Amber Rose Has 'No Time For Penis' And We Can All Relate

by Pascale Day ,
Amber Rose Has 'No Time For Penis' And We Can All Relate© Instagram/AmberRose

Amber Rose is a beaut, isn't she? So you'd be forgiven for thinking she gets a lot of tail. But she's here to tell you that gurl, that just is not the case - the star has taken to her Instagram to set the record straight about just how much sex she's having. (Hint: it's not a lot).

Let's get one thing straight: Amber Rose is not here for your preconceptions of her. The model and badass girlboss took to Instagram yesterday to set the record straight about just how much strange she's getting these days. And spoiler: it's none.

Amber, who shares a four-year-old son with rapper Wiz Khalifa, told her followers that she just has 'no time for penis' right now, being a businesswoman and a mum and all that:

"When the world thinks you have Orgies all day and mad dudes because ur sexually confident and body positive," the post, which was peppered with sad face emojis, read. "But really you're a full-time mom/ businesswoman and literally have no time for penis #hoislife tho".

There's no denying that Amber Rose is a busy lady. Recently, she's been arranging the third of her infamous Slut Walks, which encourages all women to put on their sexiest clothes and march in the name of women's rights and against slut shaming.

Amber has spoken about her sexuality in the past. "I can be in love with a woman, I can be in love with a man," she said. I’m not into bestiality, but as far as humans go, I definitely find beauty in everybody, whether they’re heavy-set, super-skinny, if they’re white, black, Indian, Asian, Spanish. I can see beauty in anybody."

Last week Ms Rose made headlines for posting a semi-nude ​photo of herself on Instagram which showed off her pubic hair and demanded that we "bring back the bush". But if nips are not allowed on Insta then bushes are definitely prohibited, and the photo was removed from the site immediately.

So it's no surprise that Amber isn't getting laid much whilst she's busy fighting social media injustices against nudity. What's our excuse? Same Amber, same....

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