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Check Out Benedict Cumberbatch Rehearsing For Hamlet

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Check Out Benedict Cumberbatch Rehearsing For Hamlet© Barbican

IT'S HAPPENING PEOPLE! Benedict Cumberbatch is treading the boards once more as Shakespeare's tragic hero, Hamlet, and we've finally been given a first look at the rehearsal photos. And he looks GOOD.

Benedict Cumberbatch is due to appear in a Barbican production of Hamlet between August and October this year and so for everyone who didn't manage to get their paws on a golden ticket, it looks like the amazing rehearsal snaps are all that the rest of us can cling to.

Benedict has had a busy year, complete with Oscar nominations, a marriage AND a new baby son, and honestly we're amazed he has the time to do a fully fledged show but hey, this is Benedict we're talking about. He is an actual magical creature and can do whatever he wants! Check him out in all of his casual rehearsal glory:

© Barbican
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The Imitation Game actor is no stranger to the theatre, having previously performed in the National Theatre's After the Dance and Frankenstein, and can definitely be called a Shakespearian actor, having previously performed in stage productions of As You Like, Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing and A Midsummer Night's Dream (as Demetrius, naturally).

Although tickets were sold out within the hour upon their release, all hope still isn't lost for those dying to see the show! Every day 100 £10 seats will be available. So if you want to see Mr Cumberbatch in action, don't lose hope!

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