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Cable News Segment On Edward Snowden Is Totally Hijacked By Guy Whose Twitter Handle Is @fart

by Pascale Day ,
Cable News Segment On Edward Snowden Is Totally Hijacked By Guy Whose Twitter Handle Is @fart© wired/taraharing.wordpress.com

News segments have been alight recently with news that everyone’s favourite fugitive Edward Snowden has joined social media. His first tweet came on 29th September and simply, spectacularly, stated: “Can you hear me?” People loved it. When cable news channel HLN decided to feature a talking head from a 'Snowden supporter', little did they know that they were getting Twitter funny man Jon Hendren. AKA @fart.


Cable news network HNL were keen to cover the Snowden debacle, and for some unknown reason decided to get Jon Hendren, who also - rather enviably - goes under the Twitter handle @fart. "What makes this guy qualified to talk about Ed Snowden?" I hear you cry. Well, nothing. This guy is listed on the show as a ‘Snowden supporter’, but that’s as far as his credentials go. But, as Vice notes, many guests are brought on these cable news shows just as talking heads to fill time, no matter how hollow their speech is.

The interview with HLN anchor Yasmin Vossoughian begins well, as Hendren answers her questions with a whiff of ambiguity. “He’s been isolated for so long… We should listen to what he says,” warns Hendren when Vossoughian asks why Snowden’s Twitter account should be allowed whilst ISIS accounts are shut down.

But then things get real weird. When Vossoughian asks whether Snowden’s actions were worth such a great risk, Hendren replies: “I think to cast him out, to make him invalid in society, simply because he has scissors for hands? I mean, that’s so strange, because people didn’t start getting scared until he started sculpting shrubs int dinosaurs shapes and what not…. Just because he was made on top of a mountain by Vincent Price, incomplete with scissors for hands an no heart, Edward Scissorhands is a complete hero to me.”

Vossoughian presses on: “But what about the choice he made to live in a country like Russia?” It’s still not clear whether she is ignoring his bizarre comments or whether she’s genuinely not listening. “I mean, where else is he going to go?” asks Hendren. “We cast him out. We got scared when he poked a hole in a waterbed with his scissor fingers, and that was unreasonable of us.”

I mean, he’s not wrong.

​“Well Jon,” Vossoughian concludes, “I appreciate you giving us your opinion.”

​I think we all do, @fart.​​​​

What's your opinion on Edward Snowden/Scissorhands? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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