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42 Celebrities And Their Adorable Pooches, Just Because

by Emmy Griffiths ,
42 Celebrities And Their Adorable Pooches, Just Because© SIPA

Fame is a fickle game which is why most celebrities rely on their trusty four-legged friends for company. A dog is man's best friend and celebrities are no exception. Whether they accompany their famous friend to work, to the park or even on the red carpet, these stylish pups are the cutest and most fun accessories to be seen with. From Kate Middleton’s boisterous cocker spaniel puppy to Kate Moss’ Staffordshire mix Archie, which is your favourite celebrity pet?

There are so many reasons celebrities would choose to have a pet pooch. For starters, they are unswervingly loyal. It doesn't matter how rich or famous you are, dogs will love you even when you lose all of your money or have a video leaked to TMZ. They won't sell stories about you to the press, or use you to get into good parties.

All they want is to be taken on a walk now and again and to simply be with you, and these celebs do not let their puppy pals down. Whether it is going for a walk in the park, across the beach or simply snuggling them up (let's face it - a lot of celebrity dogs are far too small to be trotting the ground all the time), it's clear from the pictures that these dogs love their owners just as much as their owners love them.

We couldn't possibly choose a favourite (although Blake Lively's fluffy little pup Penny looks like a teddy bear and we need her in our lives), but in all seriousness all dogs are simply the greatest and this bunch are no exception.

Check out our favourite celebrities with their dogs!

Paris Hilton © Sipa
Paris Hilton
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