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10 Celebrities Caught Smoking

Emmy Griffiths
by Emmy Griffiths Published on 27 July 2015
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Some celebrity smokers won't come as too much of a shock (oh hey Kate Moss) whereas others are much more secretive about their nicotine-fuelled habit. Although smoking leads to plenty of unpleasantries, including stinky clothes, discoloured teeth and you know, cancer - here are the celebs who still indulge in a cig' or two...

Robert Pattinson

The sexy sparkly vampire has been caught out have a cheeky puff a fair few times. Not that we wouldn't stil totally go there, but mayyybe we'd have time brush his teeth first.

Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games star (and love of most of our lives) was seen smoking away with her once-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. This isn't what they meant when they said you were the girl on fire Jen!

Brad Pitt

But Brad, you're smoking hot already, you don't need to be double smoking. That's too much for any one person to handle. That being said, apparently Brad does want to kick the habit because of his children. Come on Brad, get those nicotine patches in.

Keira Knightley

Keira is the epitome of beauty and grace, she even looks stunning while inhaling stick of poison. She'd look so much better without it though.

Daniel Radcliffe

Smoking stunts your growth - maybe someone should let 5'5" Daniel Radcliffe know?

Kate Winslet

It's surprising to see Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet smoking. Perhaps it was for a role?

Robbie Williams

After going to rehab for drinking and drugs Robbie Williams has said that smoking is one of his last vices.

Elijah Wood

Frodo! Hobbits shouldn't smoke! They should eat cheese and ham and worry about the state of their pumpkins. Stamp that out at once!

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer has the complexion of an angel, so it seems weird that she puts anything into her body that isn't fresh, organic and free-range. That being said, a picture tells a thousand words, and it's clear that Jen has no problem having a smoke every once in a while.

Here are our collection of celebrity smokers having a quick ciggy...

Celebrity smokers: Britney Spears © Sipa

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