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Does Mila Kunis Have A Glass Eye? 45 Of The Strangest Celebrity Google Searches...

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Does Mila Kunis Have A Glass Eye? 45 Of The Strangest Celebrity Google Searches...© Getty

The Internet is a weird and wonderful thing, and thanks to Google suggest we can get a teensy glimpse of how people use it - namely to ask funny, random and downright bizarre questions about celebs. Seriously, we would like to meet the people who pondered some of these questions to simply ask why...?

1. Why does Emma Watson wear nappies?

According to wiki answers, she actually did during the filming of Harry Potter, though we can't quite believe it!

2. Why does Emma Stone have a deep voice?

Deep? She's not exactly Bane from The Dark Knight Rises!

3. Why is David Beckham a hero?

Wow why do you even need to google this?! He just is!

4. Why is Adam Sandler homeless?

This search probably stemmed from this!

5. Is Daniel Craig going bald?

6. Does Benedict Cumberbatch have a lisp?

Turns out he does?! Say whaaaat?!


7. What is Bradley Cooper's bacon number?

Everyone is connected somehow to Kevin Bacon, and apparently people are especially interested in Bradley's connection! OK...

8. Does Mila Kunis have a glass eye?

Yeah, definitely.

9. Is Chris Martin nice?

This is important to a lot of people. We need to know about Chris Martin's personality to make an informed decision on whether we're Team Goop or Team Coldplay in their 'conscious uncoupling!'

10. Does Shailene Woodley have scoliosis?

We thought this was a funny one...but it turns out she does in fact have scoliosis (an abnormal curve in the spine). Oh...oh. Sorry Shailene!

11. Does Leonardo DiCaprio have an Oscar?

Bahaha. Oh Internet. We know you already know the answer to that question.

12. What is Tom Hiddleston's favourite colour?

We jest, but now we need to know. What IS his favourite colour?! *searches*

13. What does Andrew Garfield look for in a girl?

This is what he looks for apparently. Good luck everyone.

14. Does Zooey Deschanel have ADHD?

15. What does Kim Kardashian do?

It's a question we've all asked ourselves at least once.

16. Why is Owen Wilson's nose crooked?

Oof. Harsh. Yet why internet? Why?! ​Oh, it's because he broke it twice as a teen!

17. Why is Robert Pattinson called shovel face?

HAHAHAHAHA. Old shovel face. Who ever is Googling this needs a better sense of humour.

18. Why does Taylor Lautner look like a llama?

Because people are asking this question because of THIS.

19. Why does Liza Minnelli twitch?

It's a subject close to a lot of people's hearts.

20. Why is Johnny Depp so weird?

21. Why is Daniel Radcliffe so short?

Oh come on he's not that-

Oh actually...

22. Why is Ben Stiller always with Owen Wilson?

Can't a guy hang out with his BFF?!

23. Why is Kristen Stewart so awkward?

Maybe *chews lip* we'll never *deep breath, pushes hair around* know...

24. Does Lindsay Lohan have a twin?

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but Lindsay Lohan plays BOTH parts in The Parent Trap. We know that this news will be a stab in the gut. Stay strong.

25. Does Tom Cruise wear a wig?

If he wears a wig, is this his hair normally?

26. Why is Eddie Murphy not funny anymore?

Was he ever?

27. Is Nicholas Cage good or bad?

It is one of life's greatest mysteries...


28. Why is Alex Pettyfer a jerk?

He might be a jerk, but he's a hot jerk. And look how nice he's being to the puppy!

29. Why is Liam Neeson such a bad ass?

This is the only explanation we'll ever need.


30. Why is Anne Hathaway so annoying?

Someone, somewhere MUST be able to answer this crucial question.

31. Is Miley Cyrus a good role model?

Imagine all the concerned parents asking this question. Our answer? Sure she is...

32. Is Rihanna dead?

What?! Come on Internet!

33. Is Justin Bieber in jail?

It depends when you're reading this article...

34. Is Joseph Gordon Levitt Chinese?

35. Is Kanye West crazy?

Yes. The answer surely has to be yes.

36. Is Bruce Willis German?

It turns out Bruce is half German! The things you learn from other people with too much time on their hands!

37. Is Jennifer Lawrence overrated?


38. Why is Jim Carrey so crazy?


39. Why is Robert De Niro called Bob?

Because his name is Robert, maybe?

40. Why is Martin Freeman a hedgehog?

Ohhh that's why!

41. Why is Justin Timberlake called trousersnake?

Come on guys. Did you really need to Google the answer?

42. Why is Channing Tatum fat now?

We don't even want to know what this could mean. Let's just all watch this and pretend he'll be this way forever!


43. Why is Michael Fassbender a shark?

This might explain what people were looking for...

44. Why does Julia Roberts walk funny?

It could be a peg leg. The forums are alive with discussion.

45. Why is Chris Hemsworth such a beautiful man?

We don't understand it either. Here he is with a baby.

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Emmy Griffiths
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