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Everything You Need To Know About The Last Season of Downton Abbey

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 13 August 2015
Everything You Need To Know About The Last Season of Downton Abbey

We've had some great times at the big house, but it's time for Downton Abbey to close it's doors, with season 6 airing later this year to be it's final season, and ending on a Christmas special. We're not quite ready to say goodbye yet, but we ARE ready to see what we can expect from the house next!

Barrow's job is in jeopardy and the ladies are fighting

The latest trailer also shows Mrs Hughes and Mr Carson's relationship change from co-workers to blissfully married couple! *Sigh*.


Love will be in the air

We know that no one could ever replace Matthew, EVER, but it seems that Mary is well on her way to finding love again. Show executive Gareth Neame said the love with be the: "main part of the final season", so whether Mary's gets the happy ending we all want for her, we know love will be a major theme. More than anything, we just want Bates and Anna to finally be able to live without the constant threat of imprisonment. Seriously, it's getting old.

The ending will be somewhat bittersweet

Not everyone can have a happy ending, and apparently we are bound to be disappointed by how some situations turn out. According to Neame: "We don't have to have completely happy endings. But for the audience it is not a satisfying ending to have the place blown up. It is overwhelmingly a positive show, even when melancholic."

Downton Abbey is facing some cutbacks

Downton Abbey has lost out on money before - remember that storyline where Robert made some bad investments and had to be bailed out by Matthew's dead ex-fiance Lavinia's money? However, this time there's no cousin/son-in-law to bail the family out. The Crawleys will have to downsize and get rid of some of the staff. According to the Daily Telegraph: "It is a scene that would no doubt horrify the Dowager Countess: Lord and Lady Grantham venturing below stairs to prepare a snack, without the aid of a single servant." Heavens!

Edith and Mary will be at each other's throats

It was never a big secret that the two sisters really do not like each other, though it's fair to say they've chilled out somewhat since season one when Mary was deliberately sabotages Edith's chances at love and Edith was writing about Mary's affair with a dead Turkish diplomat to anyone who would listen. According to Joanne Froggatt, who plays Anna: ""There's a great argument between the sisters. They've sort of mellowed a bit over the years, but this is a reminder of how things were. I can't say what it's about, but it's great. Everyone’s going to be, 'I can't believe she actually said that!'"

There's a chance of a movie

Creator Julian Fellowes has suggested the possibility of a movie, though Naeme has admitted they don't have anything planned quite yet. Julian said: "It wouldn't surprise me if it had some afterlife because it's been such a strong force. But it's definitely finished on television. That's it. I think it's right to stop when people are sorry and not when people are relieved."

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy Griffiths
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