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Exclusive! Lucy Watson Tells All About How To Become A Chelsea Girl

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Exclusive! Lucy Watson Tells All About How To Become A Chelsea Girl© Lucy Watson is the face of Lipsy London’s AW14 VIP Collection. Available for pre-order

We spoke to Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson on all things posh, pricey and stylish, and believe it or not the notoriously sassy celeb told it exactly like it is when she gave us the down low on how we could dress like Chelsea girls ourselves! Basically? To be a Chelsea girl you need class, sophistication, and some really big sunglasses. Start taking notes girls!

We met Lucy Watson as she showed off her modelling skills for Lipsy’s VIP collection, and immediately started badgering her about how we could become as naturally trendy as MiC girls always seem to be. It sounds like not everyone has what it takes…

What is a typical Chelsea girl style?

“Everyone’s different, it’s not like we dress the same - we all dress differently! But I think it has an air of sophistication and class.“

Whether we’re wearing something expensive or not - it looks expensive and there’s a lot of big sunglasses, big bags, fedoras and whatever. Tailored jackets are good as well.”

Noted. We’re slightly disappointed she didn’t mention the crucial small dog.

If we’re going to be rocking a giant hang bag we’re going to need a fluffy little pooch to fill it with!

Do you think everyone can dress like a Chelsea girl?

“Hmm. Well, if you want to dress like a standard Chelsea girl you have to be a little more well thought out and tailored.”

You heard her girls! Go get your measurements done, stat!

You all look so great in the show. Is there one co-star's style you particularly admire?

“I like Rosie [Fortescue's] style, that’s really cool.”

Rosie does know how to dress...

And what about the boys?

"Proudlock, he has great style."

We’re inclined to agree. There's something about his little earrings...

So what are the Chelsea fashion no-nos, gilets perhaps?

“I see a lot of gilets around. A lot of disgusting fur gilets. I don’t know, it would probably be trainers? Crocs?”

Would you wear something from the high street for a night out?

“I love wearing high street, especially for me if it’s a going out outfit I’ll only wear it once. Then I give it to charity so I wouldn’t spend money on designer.”

We should probably find out where these charity shops are? Time for a good bargain from Lucy Watson!

Interesting. Where would you be shopping in the high street?

“I like Zara and All Saints, they’re my go-to places."

See - we're half way there to Chelsea girl chic already!

Do you have a go-to outfit when in doubt?

“If in doubt I like to wear leather leggings, a white blouse and tailored jacket and cool buckled boots. That’s my go-to.”

We cannot confirm or deny if we went shopping for this exact outfit following the interview.*

*We totally did.

Do you have any body hang-ups?

"I wish my legs were longer. I think outfits look really good with long legs. My bum is like big and great but if I eat too much it becomes a bit too big and I find it hard to fit into dresses because it’s a different size but I’m quite confident in my skin."

What are your tips for feeling confident?

"I think it’s the realisation that everyone is different. If you compare yourself you always want what you can’t have so you’ve just got to realise you’ve got to appreciate your unique qualities.

It’s really weird actually if I find myself like in a car driving down the street and I’m looking at people I’m just thinking ‘oh my god they look so great’ I look at everyone and think everyone looks great and I always think that."

Aw Lucy!

What’s the best thing about being a Chelsea girl?

"The shops. The food. The food is really good and I’m so close to everything, a really central location. Battersea park is really fun, it’s just full of nice places."

Sounds good to us! Would you want the Chelsea girl lifestyle? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

Emmy Griffiths
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