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Fifty Shades of Grey producers say Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan scenes are “hot”

by Stephanie Ashley ,
Fifty Shades of Grey producers say Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan scenes are “hot”© Twitter

Hardcore fans of E.L. James’ erotic series Fifty Shades of Grey were probably upset when sources revealed last week that the film's sex scenes would be “less racy” than the book, but never fear! Producers have come forward to say that the chemistry sparking between lead actors Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan make the sex scenes plenty steamy.

Ever since a film adaptation for E.L. James’ best-selling sexy novel Fifty Shades of Grey was confirmed, fans have had one question on their minds: how racy is this film going to be?

A source told E! News that the film is toning down the hot and heavy scenes. “It’s less racy than the book,” the source said. “They felt it would be too much, so they dialed those scenes back.”

Don’t think that means this film won’t leave you hot and bothered. According to the source, leading lady Dakota Johnson and sexy Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan, have unbeatable chemistry on set.

“Overall, the two have great chemistry now,” the source said. “They have filmed a majority of the sex scenes and have really hit it off.”

Jamie Dornan © Twitter
Jamie Dornan
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To make the scenes even more intimate, the usual 60-person crew is cut down to 12 people. Considering those scenes are sure to be plenty scandalous, the actors probably appreciate the privacy!

Producer Michael De Luca sounded pretty excited about the film’s progress and the actors’ chemistry so far. “It’s hot,” he said to E! News at the Producers Guild Awards. “I think we are a little more than halfway through but it’s going really good. I’m excited!”

Despite all the crazy chemistry on set, Dakota Johnson sticks to cuddling up with her boyfriend Jordan Masterson off screen. Her beau stays close to the set while Dakota films in Vancouver.

As for leading man Jamie Dornan’s romantic life? It seems he prefers to play around with all the neat toys and props on set. He reportedly had so much fun with Christian Grey’s Audi that he drove it off set, until the crew realised that was probably a safety hazard. Boys and their toys!

Fans, get ready for all the hot and heavy action you can handle. Fifty Shades of Grey hits screens 13th February 2015.

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Stephanie Ashley
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