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There Could Be A Gay Love Island In The Works

by Rose Adams ,
There Could Be A Gay Love Island In The Works

We think we might need some therapy to help us come to terms with the fact that Love Island is nearly over, but I have some news that might help to fill that Chris-shaped void. A gay version of the best TV show ever could be on the cards and obviously we're beside ourselves with happiness.

As I'm sure you are all aware, Love Island has been the hit of the summer. If we've not been watching it, we've been talking about watching it, and it's all thanks to those clever producers. I mean, sending that postcard from Casa Amour to the main villa making all the contestants completely lose their heads was just pure TV GOLD. Not to mention everyone's reactions when Muggy Mike strolled back in after being voted out.

But now they've got their thinking caps firmly on again trying to come up with new ideas to fill the Love Island void, and we've got admit, it's totally our type on paper: a gay spin off of the hit show.

Yep, Love Island's executive producer Richard Cowles, who helped devise the genius platform for the reality show that's ruined our social lives, has revealed the juicy snippet to The Times. He's opened up about which direction the show could possibly take next, as if you could ever improve on sticking smoking hot singletons in a villa and watching them fall in, then out of love again for eight weeks, right?

He said: 'I would like to see what a gay version of the show would be, it is not impossible and it's not something we shy away from'. YAS.



He also had his say on the very cheeky bed hopping element of the programme, and the abundance of footage of the islanders er, deep in the throes of passion, saying: 'It is not gratuitous. We are very much acknowledging that sex has happened and moving on.'

He also addressed the backlash the show has received as a result at its apparent choice of picking only really, really good looking men and women to occupy the villa rather than y'know normal looking ones.

Richard revealed: 'We are not about exploiting. There are other shows out there that are really trying to ratchet it up to such a level that it is uncomfortable viewing, this show is very warm at its heart. Everybody is aspiring to see love blossom.'

We couldn't agree more, watch this space!



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