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This Grandpa Was Stood Up By His Date And The Internet Won't Stand For It

by Pascale Day ,
This Grandpa Was Stood Up By His Date And The Internet Won't Stand For It© Twitter/@gabbyforesta1

There's nothing we hate more than seeing someone wronged, especially when they're old and cute like Grandpa Jim. After recently being stood up on a date that he made on match.com, Twitter bandied round the romantic 73-year-old, so go grab your tissues as we unpack this crime against true love.

All Grandpa Jim wanted was a nice woman for him to look after and spoil.

Unfortunately OAP f*ckgirls won't let that happen for Grandpa Jim. See, Jim had a date. It was in the diary. He put on his snazzy red jumper, and bought this lady a bunch of roses and fancy chocolates, and drove for 45 minutes - FORTY-FIVE MINUTES - to a restaurant, only to be stood up by this heartless wench.

Internet dating is never easy - just ask the Tinder generation. Grandpa Jim met his no-show on match.com, and had arranged the date with her online before she decided she had something better to do than get to know GPJ - although we're not sure what could be more important than being wooed by this old-school sweetheart.

Jim's 16-year-old granddaughter Gabby Foresta told The Metro: "My grandpa and I are very close and we talk about dating quite a lot since he’s been looking for a companion for a while now. My grandpa was really sad considering he has never been stood up before, so he immediately came over to my house to talk to me and my mom about it.‘We instantly comforted him because being stood up can be very hurtful."

Jim still doesn't know why his date never showed up, but he sure let her know there are no second chances here - he sent her a polite message letting her know that she was 'very rude' for not showing up when he'd put in all that effort to meet her. She ain't ever going to get that candy - figuratively and literally.


It's not on really, is it? It's a feeling most of us have experienced - the heartbreak of putting yourself out there and getting all dressed up only to be shunned by a thoughtless someone. And the internet is just as sad, if not sadder, for Jim than Jim acutally is. After Gabby tweeted out a pic and shared the story of her Grandpops, responses began flooding in, and they were NOT happy with this mystery woman.

Don't worry though, folks - you can put away your tissues. Jim is ok. He knows what's up. He told Buzzfeed, "You know what, this is the way the dating scene is. I hope that I find someone truthful, loving, and that has compassion. I’m looking for that special woman... It was something that happens, and not just to me, but other people. It’s alright, I will kick myself in the ass and get going again.”


Would you take Gabby's grandpops on a date? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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