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Happy Birthday Kristen Wiig! 16 Reasons We Want To Be New BFFs With The Birthday Girl

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 22/08/2014 at 08:00
Happy Birthday Kristen Wiig! 16 Reasons We Want To Be New BFFs With The Birthday Girl © via google images

Kristen Wiig, star of Bridesmaids, SNL and our hearts turned 41 today! We're all a little in love with America's funny girl, so in celebration of one of the world's most hilarious people, here's why we just want to be her BFF. If only we could corner her and win her over with adoration and offers of friendship...anyway, Happy Birthday Kristen!

She isn’t afraid to make herself look…well…

You'd never have to bother dolling yourself up. Everyone can just be themselves with Kristen!


She has a warped sense of humour

Which she would share with you. Which you would both enjoy!

Her passive-aggression is obvious enough to notice

You'd never have to second guess her. She'd make her feelings fairly obvious.

She'd make your life seem fabulous!

So much awkward.


She would have made you cool at school

She hung around with hoodlums! Real hoodlums!

You'd know if she was annoyed at you

Like, KNOW.


She is already one of us

No really. Definitely one of us.

She'll get drunk on a plane with you

Although she'd ruin your trip and you'd end up kicking her out of your wedding, if Bridesmaids is any indication.


She’d be crazy competitive to play sports with

You'd both play to WIN and it would be excellent.

She'd wind up One Directioners with her Harry Styles impression

Is there anything more satisfying than p*ssing off crazy fangirls?


She'd never tell you to grow up

If anything, she'd keep you feeling young!


She'd totally pig out with you

Her impressions would always make you laugh


You'd always win an argument with her


Sorry, why aren't we celebrating her birthday with her again?!

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