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Is This The Most Epic Advert Of All Time? Drama Button Stunt Goes Viral

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 18 August 2014
Is This The Most Epic Advert Of All Time? Drama Button Stunt Goes Viral© via YouTube

If you were walking along a street and you saw a large red button with a sign that read: “Press for drama”, what would you do? Would you press it? That’s exactly what these passers-by did, and the outcome is absolutely brilliant. This is advertising at its finest folks!

To launch TV channel TNT in the Netherlands, the network put a large red button on a street and just waited for someone to press it, cameras at the ready. As you can imagine, the results are hilarious. Trust us, it escalates quickly!


Have none of them heard the saying curiosity kills the cat? Or in this case, curiosity gets you lumbered into a van to witness a prison riot complete with streaking old men? Maybe next time, just walk away from that button…

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