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It Looks Like There's Going To Be A Hunger Games Prequel

by Emmy Griffiths ,
It Looks Like There's Going To Be A Hunger Games Prequel

After the incredible success of the Hunger Games franchise, apparently Lionsgate's Vice Chairman Michael Burns is keen to make more movies in the bleak fictional world of Panem, and has suggested bringing back the Hunger Games arenas with a prequel series. Well stick our names in the voting pool because we are SO up for getting back into the arena!

Although the franchise has made over a billion dollars in total for Lionsgate, apparently the first Hunger Games and it's sequel, Catching Fire, made more than Mockingjay Part 1 and 2, which is generally thought to be due to a lack of the bloodthirsty arena that got fans hooked in the first place, and so a prequel film (or even better, series), would mean that we'd be back in a world where The Hunger Games, a battle to the death between 24 teenagers, is still going strong, and it seems like the possibilities are endless.

So what would they focus on? The first Hunger Games? Haymitch's Quarter Quell? Maybe a young Finnick? Whichever direction they choose to go, Burns has made it clear that they won't simply be violent movies, but will uphold the strong themes of the effects of war in the original series. ​

He told Variety: “If we went backwards there obviously would be arenas. Whatever extensions of ‘The Hunger Games’ brand we pursue, the intent is not to glorify violence by arbitrarily telling arena stories, but to continue Suzanne Collins’s exploration of the concepts of just war theory.”

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