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11 Things That Prove JK Rowling Is Queen

by Emmy Griffiths ,
11 Things That Prove JK Rowling Is Queen© Getty§

If you are a Harry Potter fan and own a Twitter account, you already know about JK's insightful, chatty and often hilarious presence on the site. From chatting to fans about the Harry Potter days to promoting charities to discussing politics, here's why JK's Twitter account proves she is QUEEN.

She comments on current events

She is not adverse to Twitter arguments

But handles them like an absolute champ

She helps her fans at their low points

She hasn’t tried to brush off the Potter years. Instead, she embraces them

She apologises for things that she NEVER SHOULD HAVE DONE IN THE FIRST PLACE (but it’s ok because we love you JK)

She knows true evil didn’t end with Voldemort

She goes on joyful Twitter tangents about her first world problems

She’s created an online persona for her writing pseudonym, Robert Galbraith, and occasionally argues with him

She understands teenagers about as well as we do

She has THE best sense of humour

Which makes sense, since she created Fred and George.

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