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Justin Bieber’s home raided by police

by Stephanie Ashley Published on 15 January 2014
Justin Bieber’s home raided by police© Getty

Justin Bieber's house was raided by police early Tuesday morning to investigate an egg-throwing incident at a neighbor’s home. Justin said nothing about tossing eggs, but police confiscated his home security tapes. One of the singer’s house guests, rapper Lil Za, was even arrested for possession of drugs. Justin is certainly cementing his new "bad boy" status!

Tuesday morning, over a dozen deputies from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department raided Justin Bieber's home.

The police were searching for evidence linking Justin to the vandalism of his neighbor’s home. The deputies arrived at Justin’s home at 8 a.m. Tuesday and served him with a warrant.

The Los Angeles judge granted the warrant for a possible felony case since the damage to his neighbor’s home exceeded $950. According to a press release from the sheriff’s department, the damage is estimated to be approximately $20,000. Seems like a lot of dough for some eggs, but we guess it's chump change to the Beebs.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said that Justin was cooperative with investigators, who searched his home for video surveillance or other evidence linking the singer to the egg-throwing felony.

When the police arrived, Justin and his house guests were asleep. One house guest, 20-year-old rapper Lil Za, ran into a bit of trouble with the investigators, who found drugs in his possession.

The rapper was held at $20,000 bail and was set to be released later on Tuesday, when his temper got the better of him. While arranging his bail in a holding cell, Lil Za broke a telephone, resulting in a felony vandalism charge.

This is not the first time Justin has run into trouble with the police in his gated neighborhood in Calabasas. Deputies visited Justin’s house before in response to complaints from neighbors who claimed the singer was driving his car dangerously fast down residential streets. Neighbor and retired NFL star Keyshawn Johnson paid Justin a visit at his home to advise him on not speeding in residential areas, but the young singer would not speak to him.

Justin did not answer the deputies concerning the alleged vandalism, and it is still not clear whether Justin was involved.

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Stephanie Ashley
Stephanie Ashley - Published on 15 January 2014
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