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QUIZ: Celebrity Boobs: Real Or Fake?

by Emmy Griffiths ,
QUIZ: Celebrity Boobs: Real Or Fake?© Getty

For better or for worse celebrities love to have a bit of "work" done, especially on their breasts. Some are open and honest about their chest enhancements while other celebs swear blind they've never had any plastic surgery. Can you tell the difference? Take our test and see if you can tell the difference between natural breasts and fake boobs.

Sometimes a boob job is so subtle it's hard to tell the difference, and sometimes they are just RIGHT THERE and kind of unavoidable. We're not naming any names, because y'know, the list is LONG.

So how obvious are these celeb boob jobs, and how hard is it to tell if they're real or not? Hint: some are seriously NOT that hard but hey, we'll let you be the judge on this one...

Take the quiz and find out.

Share your result and tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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