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These Chest Hair Designs Totally Beat The #ChestHairBikini!

by Carla Cain Walther Published on 10/09/2014 at 13:15
These Chest Hair Designs Totally Beat The #ChestHairBikini! © DailyMail

London-based stylist, Daniel Johnson, took the chest hair bikini selfie trend to a whole other level. He trims notable destination sites into his clients' chest hair. Now you only have to cuddle into your boyfriend's chest to get a great view of the Manhattan skyline!

Ahh, male chest hair. Women either love it or force their boyfriends to wax it off in the name of manscaping.

​Well, successful hair stylist, Daniel Johnson, considers chest hair a blank canvas. Inspired by the #chesthairbikini hashtag that overtook social media earlier this month, Daniel was commissioned by Braun to try to do something more artistic and refined.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he explains his intent: "I set out to achieve something that made people consider the possibilities of grooming and style and challenged my abilities in order to keep up with the high standards expected from my clients." Hmm, sporting an elaborate manscape means you have high standards? Alrighty.

ChestHairBikini, Chestcapes © wenn.com via Daily Mail
ChestHairBikini, Chestcapes

During the two and a half hour sessions, Daniel can turn a man's hairy chest into popular sights from around the world. He claims the Manhattan skyline was the most difficult piece.

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