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Perrie Edwards Inspires Fans To Love Their Bodies No Matter What By Proudly Revealing Stomach Scar

by Helen Turnbull ,
Perrie Edwards Inspires Fans To Love Their Bodies No Matter What By Proudly Revealing Stomach Scar© Perrie Edwards/Instagram

Perrie Edwards and her Little Mix bandmates may have come under fire recently for sporting some rather revealing outfits on stage but no one can question her status as an empowering female figure following her latest Instagram post.

Perrie Edwards is encouraging girls everywhere - Little Mix fans or not - to be totally confident in their own skin, no matter what shape or size you are, or what scars you may bear. The Geordie popstar has bravely broken social-media code by proudly unveiling a body 'imperfection' on Instagram.

​Perrie, 23, took to the photo-sharing app to share a stunning photo of herself, all made up and wearing a plunging, lace bodysuit which revealed a stomach scar she's had since a child.

Users were quick to praise the singer in the comments with some thanking her for inspiring them to wear their scars with pride, too. One gushed: "You have helped me to realise that showing my scar is important. It saved my life and I should be proud of it. Thank you." Another added: "I love that you're giving off a positive image especially with scar, because you're saying they are beautiful and that they are a part of you so why not show it off."

Perrie previously revealed the scar was the result of an operation she underwent as a child to help widen her oesophagus in order to help her to digest food properly. In an old interview with Now magazine, she admitted it's her biggest source of insecurity, explaining: "My (biggest body-hang up) is my scar on my stomach. I had to have lots of operations, so that's why I don't want to show it."

But it seems Perrie has since overcome all self-confidence issues regarding the scar, good for her!

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Helen Turnbull
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