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Professor Green’s ‘boozing’ upsetting wife Millie Mackintosh?

by Alison Potter Published on 19/11/2013 at 17:00
Professor Green’s ‘boozing’ upsetting wife Millie Mackintosh? © Getty

Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh should really still be in the honeymoon phase – after all they’ve only been married two months. But reports have surfaced that suggest there’s already trouble in paradise, as the former MIC star is getting frustrated at her hubby’s constant partying and drinking. Even a recent mugging, car accident and arrest doesn’t seem to have slowed him down…

Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh are reportedly locking horns over the rapper’s love of partying.

The newlyweds should be enjoying their first year as a married couple, but sources say that the former Made In Chelsea star is getting pretty fed up of the rapper’s antics.

Not too long ago, Pro Green – real name Stephen Manderson – was mugged outside his home and had his expensive Rolex watch taken.

But that’s not all, when he called the police to report it, they noticed that his car was damaged and they ended up arresting HIM on suspicion of drunken driving.

Unsurprisingly the 23-year-old wasn’t impressed with her hubbie’s antics, and according to Heat magazine, Millie was so furious that she fled to her parents’ house in Bath for the weekend.

Meanwhile the Read All About It rapper stayed in London as he had a sold-out gig at Koko in Camden.

“She’s so angry. This is not good for their image; the power-couple thing she was trying to create hinges on people liking them, and being arrested isn’t going to make people like him,” a friend of Millie’s revealed.

“Millie told him he was an idiot for getting in trouble. People have made digs at her marrying him, and now she feels they’ll think they’ve been proved right.”

“He’s dragged their relationship to a point where they’re open to criticism and she’s p*ssed off.”

Usually a prolific tweeter, Professor Green has been noticeably quiet on Twitter lately.

But a few months back he appeared to be constantly tweeting about his social life and drinking habits, writing things like: “I’m having an Old Fashioned. I can’t get through today without drinking.”

The 29-year-old recently invested in a new bar called INK, which some believe has worsened his partying habits.

Pro himself jokingly admitted on Twitter: “I might as well just sleep at Ink tonight and start all over again when I wake up.”

“Recently at INK, he’s been completely out of it. And he’ll do this several times a week,” an insider told Heat.

“I think he liked the idea of walking into his own club and having drinks on tap, but it seems to be going a bit too far and he’s hungover all the time – and that still doesn’t stop him going out again the next night.”

Professor Green’s been so busy having fun, that some are saying he’s neglecting his day job.

The rapper’s highly anticipated fourth album was due out this month and he was supposed to go on tour, but it’s now been pushed back to May 2014 without explanation.

Hopefully Millie and Pro can work out their problems – they’re too cute to split!

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Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh © Getty
Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh
Alison Potter
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