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Ronaldo 'Stars' In The WORST Advertising Campaign Ever

by Maria Bell Published on 7 August 2014
Ronaldo 'Stars' In The WORST Advertising Campaign Ever

You know how some moments in life are meant to be forgotten about at all costs? Unfortunately for Ronaldo, this is his moment...and it's blasted all over the internet forever. Nice. We almost want to hug him to make the pain go away.

We're not quite sure what the hell he is advertising but it seems Ronaldo has put his face to an exercise device that gives users a full facial workout. The facial fitness gadget from Asia looks ridiculous but apparently it's good for toning. In any case once you've watched the video you're gonna have one hell of a face ache.

Next time Ronaldo, remember, money is not everything. Who let him say yes to this?!


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Maria Bell
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