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Happy Birthday Rupert Grint! Our 26 Favourite Quotes From Ron Weasley

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Happy Birthday Rupert Grint! Our 26 Favourite Quotes From Ron Weasley© via google images

It seems like only yesterday we were watching Rupert Grint on screen as itty bitty, eleven-year-old Ron Weasley. Although the HP franchise is all over and done with and Rupert has moved on to new things, he'll always be our little Won-Won! Here's our favourite 26 Ron Weasley quotes on the actor's birthday...

We love you Rupert!

There's no denying Ron is ALL Weasley

It is one of the many reasons why we we love him but here are the others:

1. He's concerned about corrupting Hermione

2. He has a passion for Quidditch

3. He knows when someone is being unreasonable

4. And when to laugh at the misfortune of others, especially if it's hilarious

5. He knows how to compliment a lady

5. And how to threaten cats

6. His distress is our distress

7. At this point in time, we thought his spell should have worked as well

8. He hates spiders. He is one of us.

9. They even haunt his dreams

10. He had some serious concerns about the ladies

11. But we all knew there was only one for him *sigh*

12. He was never quite on trend

13. He first impressions are BANG on

14. He gets invested in all situations

15. Despite being a Gryffindor, he really loses his sh*t sometimes

16. His spell work is shoddy at best

17. His was the cutest intro ever!

18. He has a unique way of sucking up to teachers

19. He dubious about good fortune

20. He never gives in


22. Draco owes him

23. Then there was that time he basically got high

24. He knows how to throw out an insult

25. He totally loves Hermione and it's the best.

26. But most importantly, he was always there for little old HP!

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This article was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg!

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