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Santa Helps Army Dad Surprise His Daughters And It Is Simply Adorable

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Santa Helps Army Dad Surprise His Daughters And It Is Simply Adorable

We always get a little choked up when we see soldier parents having heartwarming reunions with their children, and this one seriously left a Christmas-themed tear in our eye. A little girl asked a shopping centre Santa for her dad to come back for Christmas and Santa just went and made it happen!

All this little girl asked Santa for was her Daddy to come home for Christmas, but little did she know that he was hidden behind a pile of presents ready to surprise her the entire time.

Trent Baskerville had been deployed for nine months before returning home for Christmas, and asked Santa to help make the surprise extra special. Of course Santa helped out. He is Santa after all. ​


After asking Santa for her Dad's return, Santa had her close her eyes so he could do his magic and out popped her Dad! Seriously, this little girl and her baby sister must have been the only people who didn't see this coming, as spectators burst into applause and cheers as they hugged each other.

On another note, this little girl must think Santa is a WIZARD at this point. We wonder what's she planning to ask for next now her Dad is home safe. A unicorn? Magical powers? A talking dog? Be warned Santa, you've set the bar now!

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This piece was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg!

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Emmy Griffiths
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