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Strictly Come Dancing's Natalie Gumede fainting incident revealed

by Alison Potter Published on 15 November 2013
Strictly Come Dancing's Natalie Gumede fainting incident revealed© BBC Pictures

Strictly Come Dancing viewers were shocked when current series favourite Natalie Gumede fainted twice last Saturday, leaving the soap star unable to perform on the show. Many were left wondering if this spelt the end for the Corrie actress in the competition, but she’s since revealed the reason behind her shocking fainting episodes and has spoken out about her future on Strictly.

Natalie Gumede collapsed twice last Saturday on Strictly Come Dancing, meaning that she had to pull out of performing on the show.

Strictly host Tess Daly witnessed the shocking event and wrote on her blog for Yahoo: "When [Natalie] fainted during the dress rehearsal I was seated only a few feet away and it was actually really shocking to witness.

"She was dancing full pelt during an incredibly energetic jive at the time.

"She literally collapsed in a heap, legs twisted the wrong way under her with her head thrown right back and her eyes rolling. Luckily her professional partner Artem [Chigvintsev] was on hand, quick as a flash, to catch her and break her fall."

Shocked viewers took to Twitter to speculate on the reasons behind her sudden illness, and many worried that the current favourite to win would have to pull out of the competition.

But Natalie has now lifted the lid on precisely what happened last week and has confirmed that she will return to Strictly this weekend to compete at Blackpool’s Tower Ballroom.

The ex-Corrie star told The Mirror: “Last week was a freak accident and it won't happen again.”

Natalie admitted that she took a cocktail of steroids, an epidural and painkillers before fainting, and it was a combination of this and tiredness that pushed over the edge.

Vowing to take things easier after her scare, the soap actress said: “Last week was an accumulation of a few weeks of tiredness, after going through having an epidural, a steroid injection and taking painkillers.

“I had been feeling tired all week and on Friday my legs were giving up on me. When I arrived on Saturday morning I didn’t feel too bad, I felt a bit stiff and a little tired but no more than anyone else.

“I fainted during band rehearsals and when I tried to dance again at the dress run, to see if I had the strength to get through the dance, I fainted again – it had become clear that I was exhausted."

She adds: "I always want to give it my all but this time I had clearly pushed myself too far. The fainting was nothing sinister; I just needed a good sleep and some rest.

After being taken ill, doctors gave Natalie the all-clear to continue on the show on one condition, that she stops pushing herself to the limit and listens to her body.

“I’ve never fainted before so it was a new, scary experience; it was a hugely unfortunate and disappointing climax to the most dramatic few weeks I think I’ve ever gone through,” Natalie explained.

"But after seeing a couple of doctors the verdict was exhaustion and the advice was very common-sensed based; rest and eat well.

“I was devastated not to perform as the Jive was a fabulous number, but health matters above everything else - it was a wake up call. I will take things a little easier.

“I’m not concerned that I will faint again. I think last Saturday was a freak accident that was a result of several weeks of tiredness. I’m feeling really refreshed and I won’t allow that to happen again."

Natalie has revealed that her concerned dance partner Artem Chigvintsev has been "a tower of strength" this past week, and she’s also been deeply touched by Strictly viewers, thousands of whom have sent her messages of support.

We’re glad the Coronation Street actress is better and back on the show!

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Alison Potter
Alison Potter - Published on 15 November 2013
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