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Taylor Swift And Phoebe Buffay Just Sang Smelly Cat And It Was Perfection

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Taylor Swift And Phoebe Buffay Just Sang Smelly Cat And It Was Perfection© Youtube

We all know Taylor Swift has an annoying, sorry, adorable, habit of bringing out surprise guests on her live tours, with everyone from her supermodel BFFs to Oscar-award winning actresses (hey Julia Roberts) making an appearance. Honestly, we've been getting a little tired of it, but Lisa Kudrow's appearance last night was a game changer!

For anyone who doesn't have a soul and hasn't watched every episode of Friends at least 9457 times, Smelly Cat is the signature track of one Phoebe Buffay, and goes something a little like this:


We didn't think it could get ANY better, then we saw this duet of the now infamous song with Taylor Swift and her surprise guest, Lisa Kudrow. Hell yeah, COLLAB!


We especially love that Phoebs starts giving Taylor some constructive criticism, and we have to agree. You have to really feel it Taylor! FEEL HOW SMELLY THE CAT IS!

Well that was fun, wasn't it? Who would you love to see Taylor bring to the stage next? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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Emmy Griffiths
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