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The 27 Stages Everyone Goes Through When Binge-watching A New Show

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 24 April 2014
The 27 Stages Everyone Goes Through When Binge-watching A New Show© Pinterest

If you are anything like us, you've lived through the one crucial weekend where THAT television show essentially became your life. Anything that came between you and it needed to be BROKEN. Let's not even think about how you're left feeling when it's all over and you have nothing but repeats to keep you company. Here are the 27 stages of binge-watching your new obsession and remember, you are not alone...

1. You start watching that series that has been clogging up your Facebook newsfeed for weeks

No more polite liking without having all of the FACTS!

2. You WILL understand all of the memes in a matter of days

3. You watch the first episode and yeah, it's alright! May as well watch the second one…

4. Seven episodes later and this show is the most amazing thing you've ever seen in your entire life

5. But the day is gone. You have evening plans and need to leave your new show behind

6. This doesn’t mean the show will leave YOU behind. The show has you now

Asking your mate to get you a drink so you can watch the preview clip of the next episode on your phone? We've all been there.

7. When you finally get home, you spurn sleep

8. Soon you wonder how you ever lived without this show in your life


9. The characters are your friends now

10. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside, but unfortunately season 3 waits for no man

Lock the doors, lower the blinds.

11. As you’re watching, you absent-mindedly time up how long is left before you’re finished and you can move on with your life

So many filler episodes. All of them wonderful. All of them time-consuming.

12. But at the same time you never want it to end

13. Then your Internet cuts out and you overreact

14. You begin to fear the Internet for the secrets it possesses

15. As you're no-longer meeting men, you start to OBSESS over your favourite hotty

You know you'd be soul mates if he just met you...

16. And set him as your desktop background (obvz)

17. You realise no show has or will ever live up to this

18. You are watching history being made

How will you fill the void that completing this show will leave?

19. You get past halfway through and realise it’ll soon all be over

But, but it seems like we only started it yesterday! Oh. We did start it yesterday.

20. You’re afraid you can’t quite remember how to live without it

21. Your onesie is now melded to you

You, the onesie, and the show are One.

22. You didn’t know you could venomously hate a plot line THAT MUCH

Why don't the characters listen to YOUR advice?!

23. Your Twitter feed becomes a logbook for your reactions

24. You get a layer of grease on your face you can’t quite explain

Is it the tension? Or the fact you haven't washed for 48 hours?

25. You finally get to the real world and forget that not everyone has innate details of the storyline

That character may have done a funny rap, but let's assume no one else has seen it and not reenact it in Starbucks.

26. And yet you need to talk to SOMEBODY about what you have just witnessed

27. Thank God for the Internet!

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy Griffiths - Published on 24 April 2014
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