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17 Things You Should Never Say To A Dog Lover

by Emmy Griffiths ,
17 Things You Should Never Say To A Dog Lover© WeHeartIt

If you tend to think that your dog is better than most people, you already know that they are one of the family. So when other people who don't know any better (or, dare we say it, cat lovers *shudder*) say anything negative about our pet pooches, it's entirely reasonable to get angry because let's face it: dogs are the BEST. They play with you, love you unconditionally, they wait around for you when you're not there, and they are SO cute. Here are some of our favourite happy pups:

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If you made it through the gallery without saying "AWWW" out loud at least once, you are a monster and should probably read up on the 17 things you should never, ever say to those of us that do have a tender place in our hearts for our canine compadres...

1. "I hate it when I see a dog licking someone"

Are you kidding? That's how they show us they love us. They love us more than you'll EVER know, and if they want to express it in their slobber than dammit we'll let them.

2. "How can you give them food from your hand, then keep eating like it's NBD?!"

Okay, just because you are so fancy with your knife and fork. What do you expect us to do, give our pooch cutlery, or let him starve whilst we fill ourselves up? No no.

3. "Is there hair just EVERYWHERE at your house?"

Well, we do own a vacumn cleaner you know. And are hygienic in general...

4. "A dog shouldn't live in a small apartment"

Indeed they can. Have you ever seen how much a dog loves a kennel for crying out loud? Also, the key is taking them for walks. Obviously.

5. "You talk about your dog like he's your son!"

He's a part of our family, what can you expect?!

6. "How can you let the dog climb into your bed at night? It's where you SLEEP!"

Hmm. You may have a point. But we want them to be snuggly and warm, okay!

7. "I'd hate to clean up after them"

Good thing cleaning products have been invented, right? Oh, and house training. Duh.


How could we not? What would the world be like if we DIDN'T get to coo over other people's bets on Instagram, particularly this little fella!

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9. "Your dog is 14 years old already? How long will they live for?!"

This is especially cruel and mean: no one likes to think about death of a loved one! A little sensitivity please!

10. "Stop talking to your dog, they can't talk back!"

Dogs actually have a capacity to understand people. And we need to let him know that he is a cuteyschmoochyschmoo!

11. "You have to walk the dog EVERY DAY. Don't you get bored?"

Well, no. Go to a park to unwind and letting your dog have a bit of a run around never sounds like a bad idea. And when you really don't feel like it? It's a small sacrifice for how much you love your dog.

12. "Do you worry that they would turn on you? Dogs can be dangerous."

Well, tomorrow some crazy person could push you onto some train tracks! It's probably not going to happen, and we are pretty sure our pet wouldn't hurt a fly.

13. "I hate the smell of dogs"

And we don't like the smell of the bus in the morning. We learned to get over it.

14. "You shouldn't leave your dog with your child"

A gif is worth a thousand words...

15. "You have to take them for a walk now?!"

Having a dog is like having a child: we have responsibilities now!

16. "I couldn't EVER pick up poop"

Well, be grateful that we all do.

17. "They shouldn't allow dogs here"

You might be surprised to see dogs on public transport, or in a park, but if they're being carefully watched how does it affect you, really?!

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