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This Girl Making Fun Of Taylor Swift's BFFs On Stage Is Freaking Perfect

by Emmy Griffiths ,
This Girl Making Fun Of Taylor Swift's BFFs On Stage Is Freaking Perfect© Getty

We really love Taylor Swift. We love how she supports other women, and how she always has time for her fans, and how she and Calvin Harris go to adorable little date nights together. That being said, TayTay's habit of bringing out her best friends during her tour is becoming just a little old. Luckily YouTuber Lara Marie Schoenhals has gone the PERFECT job taking the p*ss out of the pop star's kind of irritating new habit.

It seems that at every arena of her tour so far, Taylor Swift has brought on some surprise legendary guest which has made the crowds go crazy. From Cara Delevingne to Julia Roberts, it seems like Tay's concerts have become a waiting game to see who she's announcing as her best friend in the world next.

Tonight Joan Baez and Julia Roberts danced it out to 'Style'. These two women are my heroes. What an honor.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Aug 16, 2015 at 12:54am PDT

So we love how Lara Marie Schoenhals ripped into the pop star by announcing her potential new best friends to the stage, including "the hologram of Maya Angelou!" and "my two best friends Gigi Hadid and the Blair Witch!"

Lara, we don't know you, but from the Taylor Swift walk to the sheer enthusiasm, this is perfection.


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Emmy Griffiths
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