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This Is What Disney Princesses Look Like As Hotdogs - Because This Is The End

by Emmy Griffiths ,
This Is What Disney Princesses Look Like As Hotdogs - Because This Is The End© via LuckyPeach

The Internet is much like a Disney movie: it is beautiful, funny, dreams can come true on it and most importantly, it is a world where anything is possible...even Disney Princesses made out of hotdogs. Yes, we are bringing up one of Internet's greatest new treasures: the hotdog Disney Princess. And yes, this is the end of times. So hold your loved ones close to you and check out our favourite sausage-y creations.

  1. · Hotdog Ariel
  2. · Hotdog Rapunzel
  3. · Hotdog Pocahontas
  4. · Hotdog Belle

Hotdog Ariel

The good folks at LuckyPeach.com achieved the authentic Ariel look by giving her a lettuce leaf for a fishtail and ketchup for both her long red locks and her frantically fixed smile which seems to despair in the realisation that the rest of her days shall be spent as a hotdog.

Hotdog Rapunzel

After eighteen years trapped in a tower with no one but a no-good youth-craving witch for company, hotdog Rapunzel remains metaphorically trapped within a hotdog bun, indicating that hotdog Flynn Ryder is yet to rescue her from her imprisoned yet not unpleasant existence.

Hotdog Pocahontas

Using what we can only assume is a cheese slice and carefully patterning it to resemble Pocahontas's Native American ensemble, hotdog Pocahontas is an accurate interpretation of historical figure, and as such it's importance should not be underrated.

Hotdog Belle

Also known as the 'beauty' of the hotdog world, hotdog Belle transcends the other hotdog Princesses with her grace and frilly cheese frock.

We can only assume that the Princes to these Princesses are rethinking their decisions to live happily ever after.

Are hotdog Disney Princesses a signal for the end of days? Tweet us your thoughts @sofeminineUK!

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Emmy Griffiths
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