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Top 7 Moments From Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6: The Laws of Gods And Men

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 12 May 2014
Top 7 Moments From Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6: The Laws of Gods And Men© HBO

Game of Thrones. Why do you play with our emotions the way you do? You know we hate it, and since Tyrion's trial is curiously reminiscent of Ned's arrest back in season 1 (corruption, false promises, a fan favourite on the way to the chopping block etc), it is making it look all the more likely that our darling Imp is on his way out of the show missing exactly one head. Still, keeps things intense, doesn't it?! Let's recap our favourite moments from The Laws of Gods and Men...

Ole’ stubby fingers

We saw Davos’s little finger stubs, at last! The moment we've all been waiting for! He did a pretty awesome speech there as well. Very convincing.

Also, did anyone else feel absolute nerd joy at seeing Mark Gatiss as a Braavosi banker?!

Failed reunions. Failed reunions everywhere

Poor Yara Greyjoy failed in retrieving her brother, mainly because he now thinks he’s a smelly servant called Reek and is possibly the most pathetic character GoT has ever seen.

Does anyone still hold a grudge for him taking Winterfell and killing those children now? Because frankly we're feeling sorry for the guy, even if he was rewarded with a bath.

Dany finds ruling as dull as we find watching her rule

Dany’s dragons ate some goats and she paid the man back YAWN SAIL TO WESTEROS ALREADY.

Varys isn’t gay!

After a little chat with Oberyn, we find out that Varys has no interest in men or women. Since plenty of the questionable actions of characters in GoT are because of lust, this is most interesting.

Is Varys going to end up on the throne whilst everyone else gets screwed?

The Trial AKA Tyrion’s Greatest Hits

Onto the main event! Tyrion’s trial was basically a chorus of people intent on humiliating him. It wasn’t pretty, and yet we were still delighted to hear some of his gems from the past. E.g. “He called our King our half-wit.” Bahaha.


I knew I felt deep unyielding dislike for Shae for good reason. Watching her testify against Tyrion was just horrendous to watch. If we wanted to feel so sorry for someone that we cry, we'd watch Edward Scissorhands. Just his "Shae, please don't." Ugh, feelings.

The Speech

So it’s agreed? Peter Dinklage is winning another Emmy for this performance? Excellent.

Some questions, plz

What are the Greyjoys’ next move without Theon?

Dany. Westeros. When?

Who will be fighting for Tyrion in his nice trial by combat?

What did you think of Peter Dinklage’s performance?

It's getting so good! Check out next week's episode promo below and tweet us what you thought of The Laws of Gods and Men @sofeminineUK

Emmy Griffiths
Emmy Griffiths
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