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16 Topless Celebrity Moments We're SO Grateful For

by Emmy Griffiths ,
16 Topless Celebrity Moments We're SO Grateful For© Pinterest

Why? Because it’s Tuesday, we can’t stop thinking about Zac Efron’s abs at the MTV Awards, and if we’re going to do something fun it may as well involve drooling over half-naked, beautiful men. It would be a shame to let all of those hours at the gym go to waste after all!

Zac Efron

Alexander Skarsgard

Channing Tatum


Chris Hemsworth

That's Thor's physique right there.

David Beckham

Bring on the next H&M advert!

Bradley Cooper

Hugh Jackman

Channing Tatum…again


Harry Styles

Ian Solmerhalder

Good. Heavens.

Sam Claflin

"Want a sugar cube?" WINK.

Matt Bomer

Total lady-bomer!

Kit Harrington

It's a shame he lives in such a cold climate on Game of Thrones...

Chris Pine

Chris is showing off and we can't blame him!

Chris Evans


Ryan Gosling

Saving the sexy best till last!

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Emmy Griffiths
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