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This Topless Kate Moss Waxwork Will Haunt Your Dreams

by Helen Turnbull ,
This Topless Kate Moss Waxwork Will Haunt Your Dreams

Waxworks can go one of two ways - they're either scarily realistic or just scary and unfortunately for Kate Moss, her latest immortalisation falls under the latter category. The undisputed queen of the catwalk has been given a makeover but we can't say it'll go down in history for the right reasons.

There's no denying Kate Moss' natural, flawless beauty so you can imagine our horror when we clapped eyes on this topless waxwork of the original supermodel. The Croydon-born catwalk queen has been immortalised in a "nude, hyperrealistic" sculpture which is the handiwork of artist Edgar Askelovic who took four months to lovingly craft the naked, life-size mannequin, with only photographs for reference.

While fake Kate's make-up, brows and hair are accurate, we're not convinced she'll be happy with the overall appearance of the sculpture's face. But if that's not shocking enough, the fact it's been titled MILF adds a whole new level of controversy. The 80kg sculpture is made of top-quality, platinum silicone which may go some way to explaining the £25,000 price tag.

MILF was unveiled at London’s Opera Gallery earlier this month where it's available to view or buy if you have £25K going spare.

Do you think MILF is an insult to Kate Moss or an accurate representation? Let us know your thoughts @soFeminineU

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Helen Turnbull
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